“Mise en scène” is a film production company specialized in short films and commercials. It was created by Panos Arvanitakis who is a professional photographer and cinematographer.

Each project is treated as a unique challenge. From the concept development to post production, the crew and partners of “Mise en scène” form a solid team to create a cinematic approach to all works.

High quality production value is the number one goal. For that purpose the company has invested in advanced equipment and technical knowledge that makes it totally independent and flexible.

Concept development

From an idea to a screenplay.
It’s a creative procedure and challenge
that we follow step by step.


According to cinema principles
sound is half of the film, so we do our best
to record it and master it in high quality.


Production design

We cooperate with talented people
in order to create a unique aesthetic
by selecting the right locations,
props and every necessary detail.


Music composers, musicians and
a whole group of music professionals
stands besides us for support.


Shaping the light and discussing
the overall look of the movie,
that’s what we do!

Post Production

The movie must be perfect in all levels.
From developing the storyline
to color grading, our goal is to create
the best result.

Panos Arvanitakis
DP / Director / Producer

I try to be in constant move and to become better in what I am passionate about. Being creative is the key to being alive.


Mise en scène

12th klm Thessaloniki – Nea Moudania
Thermi 57001

tel:  0030 2310 402464
fax:  0030 2310 402462
email: film@miseenscene.gr